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Extend your IT support globally! Pay-as-you-use.

Technology is enabling people to work from anywhere!
Technology is now deeply entrenched in every household and key for every company that wants to remain in business.

How easy is it to provide IT tech support to your employees or your customers, at their preferred place to work from, whilst connecting via a shared WIFI network?

Do you have the IT support staff, on standby in every one of your users locations?

OurSupport makes it super easy to get local IT support, anywhere in the world.

At OurSupport, we continue to grow our amazing team of IT professionals who are based around the world, and on-call to support our customers wherever they may be (or remotely). Our process workflow management tool enables us to ensure a quality of service, privacy of customers information and successful resolution to all IT ticket requests.

A human network of IT certifications, knowledge and many years of experience behind every request for IT assistance!

A global IT support that comes without the traditional headaches.

We remove all bureaucracy, by taking away the cross border working headaches, dealing with local cultural way of working, language differences, timezones, disparate information, different payment terms, currencies, etc. Oursupport consolidates all this onto one platform, one way of working and a single process back to our customers.

benefits of using OurSupport

OurSupport connects customers and locally available IT technicians all around the world.

Our easy to use and automated platform enables anyone needing IT assistance to easily request tech support and on a quick response time, have a local IT professional ready to get to onsite and help resolve the IT problem.
icon For any company a single Master Service Agreement (MSA) covering selected or all locations globally.
icon No upfront or fixed recurring costs, all work is charged on a Per/Hour time and materials basis.
icon A fixed and clear pricing strucutre with global coverage.
icon Automated ticket classifcation and assignment avoids human delays.
icon Upfront predicated time estimates are calculated to avoid suprise costs to our customers.
icon Realtime ticket tracking and feedback on all working being done by an IT technician."
blue line How it works

4 steps for the customers and IT field engineers


Download the OurSupport mobile app

For SME and IT representatives, use the links above to download the OurSupport mobile application onto your mobile phone.

Register and login on the OurSupport app

After installation, register on the OurSupport mobile application as either a customer, service provider, company, or in an individual capacity.

Complete a quick questionnaire

As part of the verification process, you may be required to complete some additional personal information.

Request or Receive tickets in your city

Upon approval, you will be able to request IT support, and service providers will be able to accept available IT tickets within their designated city.
line TEAM

One team across many borders

We have a team of experienced IT professionals who work with, and are up to date with the latest innovations and technologies. Our IT professionals are available to support you across countries within Africa, the Middle East and Europe.






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Get in touch with our team

For questions regarding our services or how to join our team of IT professionals, don't hesitate to call us.
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